Meditation und Sport /Sport and Meditation

- The Inner Dimension of Sport

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Ausgewählte, teils unveröffentlichte Texte aus den Schriften Sri Chinmoys zum Thema Sport und Meditation, mit vielen Fragen und Antworten, sowie einem Überblick über Sri Chinmoys eigene sportliche Entwicklung und einen Einblick in die tiefere Bedeutung seines außergewöhnlichen Gewichthebens in den letzten Jahrzehnten seines Lebens.

Aber auch andere Spitzensportler wie Olympiasieger Carl Lewis und Tatyana Lebedeva, Tegla Loroupe (Marathon), Bill Pearl (Mr. Universe), Paul Tergat (Marathon) oder Bernhard Olivier (Triathlon) kommen in diesem Buch zu Wort und teilen einige ihrer Erfahrungen und Geheimnisse.

Mit vielen praktischen Meditationsübungen, nicht nur für Sportler,
und einer allgemeinen Einführung in die Meditation.

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Sport has a secret. It can become an open door to your unimaginable inner potential. Meditation is an adventurous journey to your unlimited source. With a focused mind, calm emotions and the right attitude, the intensity, the fl ow and the joy experienced in sport can become meditation. Although today's world class athletes may have reached the current physical limits of the human body, the spiritual resources hidden deeper within still remain untapped. In this remarkable book, spiritual teacher and athlete Sri Chinmoy reveals the inner aspect of sport - a dimension that everyone can add to his or her current physical and mental training. It is this new dimension that enables us to enhance our physical performance, but also makes our satisfaction from sport deep and lasting. Throughout the book, you will meet world champions such as Carl Lewis, Tatyana Lebedeva, Tegla Loroupe, Bill Pearl or Paul Tergat, sharing their own inner secrets and spiritual perspective on training and competition.

'Believe me, the joy that comes from going beyond is the most incredible feeling in the world. I have felt it many times. And I have enjoyed watching others experience it.' - Carl Lewis, 9-time Olympic Champion

Ultimately, the awakening of the inner athlete in ourselves opens new perspectives in our life. At that time, we discover the wisdom in Sri Chinmoy s gently posed questions: Is crossing the finish line first really the highest goal? What about the ability to focus on transcending your own personal best, or to accept defeat with equanimity? May this collection of his wisdom inspire your efforts, inner and outer.

'In the heart of action is the silence of meditation and in the heart of meditation is the dynamism of action.' - Sri Chinmoy