Sri Chinmoy

Sport and Meditation

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Sport has a secret. It can become an open door to your unimaginable inner potential. Meditation is an adventurous journey to your unlimited source. With a focused mind, calm emotions and the right attitude, the intensity, the flow and the joy experienced in sport can become meditation.

Although today’s world class athletes may have reached the current physical limits of the human body, the spiritual resources hidden deeper within still remain untapped.

In this remarkable book, spiritual teacher and athlete Sri Chinmoy reveals the inner aspect of sport – a dimension that everyone can add to his or her current physical and mental training. It is this new dimension that enables us to enhance our physical performance, but also makes our satisfaction from sport deep and lasting.

Throughout the book, you will meet world champions such as Carl Lewis, Tatyana Lebedeva, Tegla Loroupe, Bill Pearl or Paul Tergat, sharing their own inner secrets and spiritual perspective on training and competition.

Believe me, the joy that comes from going beyond is the most incredible feeling in the world. I have felt it many times. And I have enjoyed watching others experience it.‘ – Carl Lewis, 9-time Olympic Champion

Ultimately, the awakening of the inner athlete in ourselves opens new perspectives in our life. At that time, we discover the wisdom in Sri Chinmoy s gently posed questions: Is crossing the finish line first really the highest goal? What about the ability to focus on transcending your own personal best, or to accept defeat with equanimity? May this collection of his wisdom inspire your efforts, inner and outer.

‚In the heart of action is the silence of meditation and in the heart of meditation is the dynamism of action.‘ – Sri Chinmoy


Adriano Passini

The Challenge of the English Channel: A Spiritual Approach to the Mount Everest of Swimming

The challenge of swimming the English Channel is stupendous. Swimmers will have to brave not only the elements, but also their inner demons and weaknesses. Cold, currents, waves, fog, sudden weather changes, huge cargo ships, jellyfish, swimming in the dark, increasing fatigue, doubt, fears and hours of solitude force the swimmer to dig deep to be able to reach the “Golden Shore.

In this book, Adriano Passini, from Sao Paulo, Brazil, describes his 2 year journey from amateur triathlete training and competing in warm climates to marathon and cold water English Channel swimmer, and how meditation and spiritual discipline helped him in his journey and during the big event, leading to even deeper inner experiences.

Hier ein Interview bzw. Talk von Jayasalini – ebenfalls auf Englisch:


Jayasalini Olga Abramovskikh

Running in Rhythm with the Heart

A book about the love of running and the dream to finish the longest race in the world – opening the doors to a new world of self-discovery.

Jaysalini, from Chelyabinsk, Russia, working in Paris, recounts her experience of the 3100 mile self-transcendence race and how the extreme conditions of this race finally lead her to discover a source of endless energy within. In this book, practical running and training advice blend harmoniously with inspiring stories about the highs and lows of 52 days of running, and about overcoming severe challenges.

An inspiring book for anyone aiming for new goals and the transcendence of perceived limits. A book about having faith in dreams and taking confident steps towards their fulfillment.


Grahak Cunningham

Running Beyond The Marathon: insights into the longest footrace in the world

Grahak Cunningham is an ultra runner and keynote motivational speaker from Perth, Australia. He is a four time finisher of the Self Transcendence 3100 Mile Race which involves running for 18 hours a day for 51 days. Grahak won the event in 2012 averaging 115km a day for 43 days. He resides in Perth, Australia.

This book is for runners and non runners alike and covers topics such as running and meditation, ultra running nutrition, training sessions and preparation and how to push yourself beyond your perceived limits.

Loaded with running training tips, anecdotes, athlete nutrition and race stories, join four-time finisher of the 3100 mile race in New York, Grahak Cunningham, as he takes you on the journey from his first race in 2007 as a multiday novice to his ultimate victory in 2012, and discover what he learned along the way.